How to get my french address ?

How to proceed ?

To use immediatly our services and to obtain your own french address and validate your registration you must register and pay the subscription only 2 Eur , if you do not pay the subscription , you can not use our services.
Your registration form must be up to date, name, address, phone and email address, we will use these data for shipments.


How to use your services to shop online?

Is it possible to use immediatly to shop online ?

Yes you are registered , you now now a member , you have access at all our services and you can use immediatly.


How to use I buy and you receive for me?

How to inform you that you will receive orders for me?

For orders to be validated and processed must be placed on our site , click the Order Now button and then I buy and receive for me.


I can buy alone do I have something to pay ?

You buy alone , you have nothing to pay only to regsiter your french address as delivery address.


What are the information to share you?

We ask you to register all your orders (purchases) in our website in your account , if it's not the case package will be refused automaticaly by our services . We ask you  to provide us with all information requested on the order form your order is processed by our services: your name, order date of your package or letter ,you must report  link of website of your order (purchase) or of the item if you have need to contact seller , and give us a precise and accurate description of your package or mail if we do not have it in our possession your package will open immediately upon receipt by our services and can be return to the seller and you will be charged.


How to know if you received my package(s) ?

When we receive your order you will be notified by e -mail via our website and you will find all infromations in my account track your orders and parcels.


How to request to send my package(s)?

You write on the form "package received " by logging into my account track your orders and packages if you want repacking or not.

See How to receive my package ?


How ask to wait to ship my package ?

f you want we may store (stokage free for 60 days) and we were bonding with other parcels, simply let us know on the  form "package received " in my account and track your orders or packages or contact us by e-mail

See How to receive my package?


How to know and pay shipping for my package(s)?

See How to receive my package


How to use our service Personal Shopper ?

I can not buy alone which are your rates?

Our rates are 10 % of the total amount of your order + shipping to our warehouse included. For orders to be validated and processed must be placed on our site.


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