How to use our auctions service ?

How you can pay for me or for me to bid on ebay ?

For orders to be validated and processed must be placed on our website, click on Order now and then you buy it for me. We ask you to provide all the requested information on your requisition form and check the bid so that we can process and validate your order pon receipt of your payment, we will bid for you.


How do I know if I won the auction ?

We will send you an e-mail order confirmation that we have received from the dealer whom we have placed your order you will find detailed information in my account track your orders and parcels


How to request to send my package(s)?

See How to receive my package(s)?


How it happens if I do not win the auction ?

If you do not win the auction only in the case where we put a bid for you, you will be refunded but only via paypal. Auctions and refunds will be processed within 24 hours. Our fees 10% are firm and non-refundable.


Place a bid involves risks?

Regarding the ebay auction , if a seller is to be compared to ebay fraud or fails to ship your package , we will open a claim on paypal within a maximum time limit of 45 days to try to obtainrefund the full amount of your order but remember this is never guaranteed .If the seller does not accept paypal payment only by check, you do not have the protection of buyers so we have no way to interve Auction sites always involve risks, even if offers great guarantees and in fact all evidence very seriously , so we can not how whatsoever be liable for any loss not receipt of goods to our warehouse .The customer assumes alone and having read all these full information and full responsibility for the use of this service.


I can bid alone do I have someting to pay ?

No nothing to pay ,no fees only your faops french address as registered as delivery address.


How to return a package at the sender?

Can you return a package to the sender ?

Yes, upon receipt of your order in our services you can request a return by us with the sender , you should contact the sender and give us all information and return conditions required by the sender and contact us  in the absence of any information provided by the sender your order will be shipped automatically.


Which are the fees to be paid in case of return to sender ?

Shipping seller + our service fee and will use the automatic load will be additional charges.


Can I return my order if my receipt at my home address does not suit me ?

At delivery of your order at your home address if you have problem and you want to return , please contact us and ask us to arrange a return to sender   .Warning this service is valid only if you choose DHL Express as service delivery to stay within the time allotted by the return Act VAD is 14 days and all items must be received in the original packaging and state to receipt, if this is not the case any return will be impossible with the sender and you have to bear , without limitation, If you choose another delivery service this service will not be taken into account and your return will be refused upon receipt by us.


Which are the fees to pay upon return of my address to your warehouse ?

Return shipping cost, taxes, VAT 20% will be your responsibility to our warehouse.


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