How to return a package at the sender?

Which are the fees to forward upon your warehouse at the sender ?

Shipping price from our warehouse back to the sender + our service fee because we have to repack given customs and other papers.


Can you return a package for the ebay auction ?

Yes, but only from a professional reseller recorded on


How to receive my packages ?

How do I know when my package arrived at your warehouse ?

We will notify you by email when we receive your package or mail to our warehouse and you will find all informations in "my account ".


How can I find information on my package?

By logging on to my account track your orders and parcels and packages you have received all the information about your package size, condition as received.


How to apply with or without repacking ?

Just received the package form indicating whether or not a re-packaging.


How to ask to keep my package because I will have more packages and I want to consolidate ?

You can us this indication on the parcel received form or contact us by email if you want to wait to combine with other package, we remind you that storage is free for 60 days


How do I know how much I will pay exactly for shipping ?

Following your response on the choice of re-packaging or not, we will send you a quote with different types of shipping to your address + our service fee.


if I have several packages how know how I'll pay exctement for shipping ?

If you want to consolide with other packages we will send you a general quotation once we have received all your parcel, simply let us know in the last form of receipt of package you receive or by e -mail.


How much will I pay for your services fees in addition to shipping costs?

All details of our prices and services see : Our rates.


How to pay?

Once you have accepted the quote, we will send you your invoice upon receipt of your payment to our account your or your package will be shipped.


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