How do you ship?

Do you offer several services shipping with DHL ?

Yes, DHL offers many serivces livraiosn:
• DHL Express Same day = for urgent shipments to be delivered the same day (price on request)
DHL Express 9:00 = For packages to be delivered in the morning at the opening (price on request)
DHL Express 12:00 = For packages to be delivered before noon (price on request)
DHL Express worldwide: Delivery 1/3 days depending on the area (see get a discount)
DHL Express Envelope
DHL Economy Select: Delivery 2/5 days depending zonesdans EU countries
DHL Domestic: France Métroplitaine for one day (Same day express, 9:00 ET 24:00 available, price on request)
DHL Globalmail: most economical postal service for your letters and small packages up to 2 kg based on the real weight only no volumetric weight and with maximum sizes delivery 2/10 days in the worldwide according to zones.
  More informations about this economical service please click here

DHL bases its prices on the real weight of the package (content + packaging) and volumetric weight (l XH XL div / 5000). The maximum weight allowed for the standard package is 40kg and 70 kg Dhl worldwide DhL select Economy and Domestic per package, the maximum authorized dimensions standard are 120x80x80 cm. If you want to send or receive packages that are not in those criteria, thank you to contact us for Dhl provides solutions to over a ton!


What are the differences between DHL shipping services?

  •   DHL Worldwide Express : delivery guaranteed , delivered against signature , monitoring every hour of your package .
     In case of problems immediate telephone intervention on our part with DHL. A secure, no risk of loss or theft , insurance option , shipping receipt requested, calculating volumetric weight as all express services.
    DHL Domestic : is for shipments in France and Corse and offers the same guarantees as Express Wordlwide
    DHL Economy select: is reserved for members of The EU and provide the same guarantees as worldwide express but delivery more  longer
    DHL Globalmail : service for your parcels and letters up to 2kg worldwide max size of package longxlargxhaut = 104 and 23.5 long x 12 W for your letters . Service and non- real volumetric weight because it is a postal service and not an express service proposed and treated priority shipping by DHL Deutsche Post ( German post office .Your packages and letters will be injected into your local postal network. Number valid only followed up in Frankfurt Alemagne , delivery time between 2 /10 days depending on the area . More informations on DHL Globalmail Business click here
    Pickup twice a day at our warehouse , free service DHL.
    Return service possible with DHL Express Worldwide and Domestic at delivery at your address :  we strongly advise you to safety reasons and a very short period of delivery, receipt of your package if some items do not suit you , you can return them to us and we will arrange for you to return to the seller. In this case, thank you to contact in order to communicate you the procedure and our DHL account number . We do not take fees on return service only shipping + VAT and taxes to pay any customs . Do not hesite to contact us for more informations about this service  .


Do you ship with La Poste Coliposte ?

Possibility to use Coliposte La Poste at your request, we will not not work with La Poste Coliposte ,no  partnership after many problems with them . If you choose La Poste Coliposte, we disclaim all lreponsabilities in case of loss, theft, delay, etc. .. This service is used at your request and at  your own risk.


Why do you advise against La Poste Coliposte?

 You do not have guaranteed delivery times
• Complete track your package according to destination city in many countries.
• Parcels delivered against signature, integrated compensation according to the weight of the shipment and international rules, you can take out insurance (optional) valid until 1500 only Eur Package delivered against signature with compulsory insurance.
• You can not send a parcel to exceed 60x40x40 of size and weight must be 20 kg with maximum weight of documents to accompany the expedition included.
• Reimbursement for loss or theft of your package with the post is very long to get and never guaranteed . It is always very diificile to be reimbursed and the procedure is very long as two months .
• Loss or theft are not always guaranteed and covered by the Post Office. Your parcel in case of loss or theft will never be found and you are not cetain to be compensated .
• For your items up to 2 kg maximum (weight of material including manuals ) , service Small International Priority Package , you can insure up to 40 Eur and benefit from a tracking number . Beware the tracking number is not available in all countries in the destination city and you have no time guarantee . Repayment of these packages nothingness , non-existent security in case of loss or theft.
• La Poste does not go get your package is an annual and very dear to us paid service , so we have to go to the post office , we have to use a vehicle and wait on average between 15 to 30 minutes at the post office + travel time, it is for this reason that a 30 Eur will be counted for shipments Coliposte and an additional 35 Eur for coliposte service until 2 kg because in addition to all the factors listed above all documents must be doing manuellement. Nothing for mails .
• Phone numbers of the post 3631 or 3634 are overtaxed is why we do not because we will call waiting 30 minutes on average.
• If a problem occurs with La Poste Coliposte we can not respond immediately , we do not not have any information about your package , contact the resident , no guarantees.
• If you choose Post Cloiposte , we disclaim all liability in case of loss, theft , delay, etc. .. This service is used at your own risk.


What are the rates for using your services?

What are your rates for the installation of my account ?

2 Eur only and to pay only once time at the  registration, then your account is set up and you can use all our services.


What are your rates for Personal shopper service ?

Our rates  are 10% (bank fees included) of the total amount of your order + shipping to our warehouse included

To be validated and processed all your orders  must be placed on our website click : Use now and then you buy it for me.


What are your rates for auctions service?

We can bid and buy for you only Our rates are 10%  (bank fees included) of the total amount of your order, shipping to our warehouse included. For orders to be validated and processed must be placed on our site, click the Order Now button and then you buy  for me and check Auctions.


What are your rates for service without repacking ?

Eur per package and 1.50 € per mail: we will send your parcel or mail as we have received and if package or mail has arrived damaged as you will informed when it is received by us, we disclaim all liability case of refusal of the carrier or  blocking by customs, it will be your responsibility to fix the problem. Be careful if you have more packages you choose this service you will be charged per parcel.


What are you rates for consolidation service ?

Consolidation : If you have several parcels or mail (within60 days)and you would like to ship them in as ingle new box . The perfect solution if you buy many items, if you buy in multiple shop online or multiple sellers .Tariff consolidation :   4 € up to 5 packages .  8 € up to 10 packages .  19 € up to 15 packages .  25 € up to 20 pacakges .  32 € up to 25 packages .



What are your rates with repacking ?

Repackaging and consolidation the most economical !  repackaging of parcels which optimizes the size and  weight that allows you to save up to 80 % on shipping , The consolidation of packages in the case of several purchases . Many options such as: choice of immediate or delayed shipping date. Keep the outer box , we combinea the inbox. Keep the packaging, we take the inbox and we keep only the inner packaging. Remove all unnecessary packaging , we remove all boxes and there are only packaged items . If you are concerned about fragile items , we can repackage and add protective materials ( bubble polistyrene , foam, cardboard, etc. .. ) We can also keep the items in original boxes with a layer of protection suplémentaire above . Photo Service : items that are assembled in the box consolidation package , which gives you extra control over all items placed in the box. individual photos of your items after contôle for broken items or defects for example. Verification and control of your (or your) command on his arrival in our services , the state will be checked if we constatatons defects you will be immediately notified by email , it will be refurbished and will be sent or we will return to the sender to your instructions.Estimation value : your parcel bills without our services. Adding special mentions on your parcels as weak example. We insist on the fact that over 90 % of cases we receptioons packages to large size for a small item and it is very common to receive a single company when purchasing multiple merchandises a box for every purchase.

For this service we apply a very attractive lump sum rate based on the number of packages and the number of items per package.

Tariff repackaging : Calculate on total items received and treated to ship in the same shipment .

Up to 3 small or medium items in total as clothes and shoes, books, DVD, toys, make up, etc.. 5 €. Up to 5 small or medium items in total as described before 8 €. Up to 10 small or medium items in total as described before 15 €. Up to 15 small or medium items in total as described before 22 €. Up to 20 small or medium items in total as described before 29 €. Up to 25 small or meidum items in total as described before 35 €. Up to 5 tall items in total 18 € . Up to 10 tall items in total 33 € . Up to 15 items in total 52 € .

More packages and number of items  or B2B ? PLease contact us

 You can use all our many options for your packages, mails with repackaging and consolidation service !


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