What are your rates for your service charges?

What are Service charges not included in your rates ?

Packages over 10 kg .

Why ? because for these weights we have to buy boxes and it is very expensive. VAT in France is extra on purchases of boxes and the rate is 20%. 

  •  Package from 11 kg : 7.50 Eur to pay extra.
  • Package from 21 till 30 Kg : 15 Eur to pay extra.
  • Package from 30 kg to 45 kg = 22 Eur to pay extra.
  • Package from 46 kg to 70 kg = 37 Eur to pay extra.


Bank fees are included in your rates ?

No, bank fees are not included in our rates. This fees will be on your invoice.

Payal, credit bank ,bank transfer = 5 %


Your overheads included in your rates ?

  •  Our overheads included in our rates:
    • Insurance
    • Taxes to pay as professionals
    VAT 20%
    Eco Tax
  • shipping and customs declarations


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