F.A.O.P.S. is a French company located in the the Centre region strategically placed on all major highways, economic poles and close to all airports

F.A.O.P.S. is a compagny specialized in Worldwide parcels , pallets and mail forwarding .


The idea to create F.A.O.P.S. packages and mail forwarding, came from our many friends living abroad who had many difficulties to order online in France and to receive in their country : no credit cards or international credit cards, no international delivery or in their country, expansive shipping cost, etc...

We started to receive parcels, mail, to buy for them when it was impossible, to store and consolidate parcels, mail to save up on shipping cost, impossible to think it could be so difficult to buy online in France or in the EU and to be delivered to the four corners of the world. F.A.O.P.S. was created so that you too can buy online in France or in the EU.

 F.A.O.P.S. already has more than 5000 customers!

Many thanks to our friends without F.A.O.P.S. that would have been created and in particular :

Yukari and Hiroshi, Guy, Kenta, Rogério and Igor, Pamela, and Yukako Yo, Andrew, Corinne, Giovanni and Veronica, Juan and Carmen.

Concerned about the environment we chose to establish F.A.O.P.S. in an unspoiled setting located in full nature.

FAOPS soucieux de l'environnement

F.A.O.P.S. features a structure that allows you to receive and store individually and safely your packages and mail.


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