AMAZON International Return providers in France

You are an Amazon seller looking for a return solution ?

When you are thousands of miles away, it is not easy to deal with the returns that need to be sent back to you. Maybe you would like your returns to be sent to a third party other than in your home country.

FAOPS meet all your needs by offering a personal return service covering multiple countries!

We can also receive or send your Amazon stock.

Turn your international returns into a positive experience for your customers and your company!

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Our services provide:

Receive returned goods

Receive returned goods:

Whenever a parcel arrives at our warehouse, we will inform you by email. We will mention the sender's name, tracking number and the return tracking number.

As a proof take a picture of your parcel.

We keep all the parcels until your next shipment.

During this time, we can consolidate your returns in our warehouse until you have enough returns to minimize the costs.

For the returns, you can have your own labels or if needed we can print returns labels for you.

Forwarding Returns

Once you have enough returns we can send back the returns to you.

Free Storage

Free Storage

If you don’t want the returns to be sent back to you, we can store your product in our warehouse facility until you find another buyer in Europe



The other solution is for you to send us all your stock in our warehouse to sell your product, our distribution service can provide international cover.

Customer service

Customer service

As native French professionals, we can manage your emails in French, answering their questions about returns and deliveries.
Better customer service = better feedback, more business!

Your customers are far happier returning goods within their own country and you can process their returns in a couple of days in most cases rather than a couple of weeks.

Important information for Amazon sellers: announced a new returns policy for international sellers trading on the Amazon platforms in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. This returns policy requires a domestic returns address in the buyer country.

In its letter to sellers Amazon wrote,

"All sellers, including sellers shipping from a country outside of the marketplace on which they're selling, must abide by this policy. Failure to meet this requirement may result in the removal of your selling privileges."


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