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If the store only accepts french billing or payment.To help navigate the french ordering process or or whenever you encounter difficulty or if you want simply we handle for you. Start to shop now with our Assisted Purchase in any french and U.E famous brand stores or retailers including auction sites like ebay or on market places as Amazon with a trusted pacakge consolidation company. 


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Use our Assisted Purchase service to help navigate the french ordering process
or whenever you encounter difficulty to buy. Tell us what you want to buy and we will buy it for you.

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To help navigate the french ordering process or whenever you encounter one of these difficulties: french store who accepts only french credit cards Auction seller who requires only french PayPal or money order payment French store or Auction Seller who only accepts a french Billing Address french store or auction seller who only accept payment by french check or wire transfer . You are ready to buy and you want to use our Personal Shopper service ? Log in and click on

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From your online account you follow a simple step-by-step process to place an order request :

Tell us where you want to buy . This can be an online store , or an auction site such as eBa y, Market place as Amazon, CDiscount, Rue du Commerce , etc. We purchase the merchandise for you using our french Credit card , our PayPal account , or by money order . Tell us what you want to buy You list the items , quantities and descriptions we ask you and we need to complete the purchase.

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After you submit your request

Your account is billed for the actual cost of the purchase more Personal Shopper service fee . One of our Personal Shopper experts buy for you . We will check availability and Buy or Bid immediately for you . In the case or some items will be not available , we will pay only for items available , 50% of the items of order must be available and you will refund the difference. If more than 50% of the items of order are not available you order will be canceled and you will be refunded. Concerning ebay auctions If you not win the bid you will be refunded and if you win the bid at a lowest price than the price you paid the difference will be refunded. We will send to you an invoice and paypal refund.

Once the merchandise arrives at our facility:

it will appear in your account , you will receive too an email to inform you and be available for shipment to you as usual . To have more informations about shipping goods to your F.A.O.P.S address and how to save up to 80% on shipping from France to your home please click on buttom : 

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Cost for our assisted purchase :

We charge 5% fee to cover fees on Paypal & credit card payments. We also charge 8.5% commission from the purchase cost, which covers services related to the purchase.

For order up to 10 different items :

The total of your order is 100 €.

You must pay us : 100 x 13.50 % = 113.50 €

For order starting from 20 different items :

The total of your order is 100 €.

You must pay us : 100 x 13.5% + (20x1 Eur) = 133.50 €.

Votre commande sera traitée sous 24 h maximum

Your order will be processed within a period of 24 hours maximum

You will find all the informations about your order step by step of buying to delivery, log in on your account Track your orders and parcels, you will be inform too by e-mail.

If your order is canceled : by the seller (if the item (s) ordered is no longer available) where if you do not win the auction you will be refund. Please note our ordering fees (our comission) Personal shopper are not refundable.

If we do not receive the item(s) (s) vendor (s), you will be refund, Please note our ordering fees (our comission) Personal shopper are not refundable.

We cannot be held responsible for delays in delivery of the seller, nor possible parcel lost.


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