You are a company looking for a way to strengthen your presence in France ?

FAOPS can provide you a real professional presence in France at the best price !

We provide you a French Phone Number and we will answer all calls or only when it's necessary for you for example if the line is busy.

You always know what you pay.

Our pricing adapted to your needs to offer the best service based on the number of calls we expect to answer. No surprise !

You will always know what you pay ! We also ensure a presence from 9am to 6pm. A dedicated french receptionist will manage your calls.

We provide a specific message for your company upon you request and we will transfer the content of your voicemail to your email.

Why should you use our call answering center ?

Reinforcing you professional presence in France

Most of French citizen don't speak English. As a result, they always prefer a company with native French speakers on the phone. You can’t lose the opportunity to reach such a market ! Because not answering these potential customers will make you lose orders !

Don't miss any orders

Before ordering anything, a lot of customers prefer calling to have further information concerning their future order. For them this is the proof that there is a physical presence behind your virtual shop. Thank to FAOPS, your potential customers will be able to get all the information they need by talking to our receptionist.

Enhance your corporate image

By providing a permanent call answering service we allow your company to improve its reputation and image. It will give the impression that you are physically present in France which reassure the customers.

Work with a professional team

As first point of contact with your customer, our receptionists must make a positive impression in the first seconds! That is why we are trained and skilled handle calls on behalf of your company. All our receptionists are French native speakers.

Save money & develop your business

Our call answering service allow you not to employ a full time receptionist As we answer your calls, you can focus on your core strategy without having to answer every call yourself. Another bonus is that you even get a presence even during your holidays.


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