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Get access of online French and U.E stores . Use F.A.O.P.S package consolidation and repackaging to shop French and EU websites . Ship parcels to your own french address and Save on international shipping to your own address and get your package in 1-4 days . You use our services only when you have need . No Monthly fees or Contracts . Free storage during 60 days . Cheap service tariffs . The price we quote is the price you will pay . No unexpected charges . Shipping less expensively .

Ship goods to your F.A.O.P.S address and worry-free international shipping .

Your order arrive at our facility

e report package received immediatly in your account and you receive an e-mail to inform you .Click on my packages or My account track your orders and parcels and then Click on the line Your purchase request C-...You have all informations : billing address , order details, Statut of order and a frame "Informations" with State , Size , Repackaging . Please tell us if you want to use Repackaging by clicking or Yes or Not . How different between with or without Repackaging ? Please consult How it works .

The price we quote is the price you will pay no unexpected charges :

According to your return if you want to Use Repackaging Yes or Not . We send to you directly on your email address the quotation with different shipping and our tariffs .You receive an email to inform you "estimate sent" . We await your reply by email with your choice . You receive 2 emails "estimate accepted" and few minutes later "invoice sent" at this step your invoice is in your account on the line begin by E.... and your package is ready to be shipped after receipt of your payment . Once your package will be shipped you will received and email to inform you and you will have the number to track and the name of the shipping service in your account .

Save up to 80% on international shippping from France to worldwide

Optmize the volume of your order

We receive each day at more than 90% small items placed in standard boxes and the price of shipping to your home will be expansive . We remove standard box and put your purchase in a box to its size to save up to shipping cost .

Optimisez le volume de Votre commande

On of one standard box at flyer of DHL

o Save up to 80 % on shipping cost for small items as clothes , accessories , shoes , Books , High tech , DVD , CD and all others in this style up to 3 kg . Package becomes smaller and lighter . We throw the inbox . Remove all not necessary packaging and keep only the items packed . We can also put a layer of protection on our items

D'une boite standard au Flyer DHL

Several pacakges in one box to the size

erfect to save up to the price of shipping cost . We put all your packages received in one new box to the size ..

Plusieurs paquets dans une seule boite à la dimension

Remove all unnecessary packaging

The most economical to save up to 80% on shipping cost for medium or large items or more than 3 kg . Keep the inside box and throw the outer box. We throw the inbox Remove all not necessary packaging and keep only the items packed . Package becomes smaller and lighter We can also put a layer of protection on our items

Enlever tous les emballages inutiles

Ship smarter , safer , faster , easier and less expensively and Get your parcel in 1 to 4 days to your home .

Our priority is to provide you of your order to delivery to your address quality services :

The global coverage of our logisitics partners and their local expertise teams make their most reliable and best performing network in the express parcel and document market. As partner with logisitics specialist you have nothing to do we handle all the logistic and problems for you .

Delivery services available :

Express worldwide service , Express enveloppe , E.U standard service , National express , Standard worlwide service , Postal service .

Fast and reliable

your merchandise is delivered in 1-4 days all over the world with express and E.U standard service .4-15 days with standard and postal service depending of your countrie . The delays are always subject as an indication (customs, weather conditons ..) but in 98% with our parteners your packages are always delivered within the stated time, you have a number to track of the shipment to delivery at your address .your package is very taller ? very heavy? Our logistics partners will be able to satisfy you .

A real customer services

Immediate intervention with an open investigation in the event of late delivery or intervention with your country's customs if additional information requested.

French post :

You can use Coliposte(colissimo Business) french post but this service will be used at your own risk because too many problems and we can not get any information about your package, no recourse in case of loss or theft, no follow-up in all countries, this service is a postal service and not express service, it does not propose guarantees. We disclaim all responsibility for the using the service.


Our options

Many options available according to your requests

Free storage during 60 days

Choice of the shipment date : immediatly , weekly , every 2 weeks, monthly , to the end of 60 days or when your box is full .

Checking and control of your package on its arrival in our services, the state will be checked, if we find defects , you will be immediately notified by e-mail, it will be packaged and will be sent to you or returned to the sender according to your request.

Photo Service : All your packages we consolidated in one box , which give you extra control over all packages placed in the box. All the items we repackaged and consolidated in one box which give you an extra control over all items placed in the box . Individual photos of your items after contôle for broken items or defects for example.

If you are worried about fragile items, we can repackage and add protective materials (bubble, polystyrene, foam, cardboard, etc ...). We can also keep the items in original boxes with an additional layer protection above. Adding special mentions on your parcels as "fragile" for example.

Estimation of the value of your packages without invoice by our services .

Possibilities to return us your package to delivery to your home if you have problem with size , color, quality or not conform to the description , if you are disappointed ,etc.. This service is availble only with Express courier due to the delivery times . For more details on the use of this service contact us .

Help please visit FAQ
Attention nous devons avoir le contenu exact de votre colis.


We must have the exact content of your package ,

if we have not this information your package will be opened by our services and you will be charged .


International shipping , mail and parcel forwarding