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Unfortunately, many stores including marketplaces like ebay or Amazon. do not offer shipping for international customers. We have solved that problem. You can shop in any French or E.U store and have packages mailed to your new FAOPS address and even shop internationally and we will ship anywhere in the world.



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Click on Create your account or Join us and validate your registration. Before within seconds you will receive an email to confirm the creation of your acount at this moment returned   on our website and click on log in.

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Log in and click on Pay the Subscription (or Use now) only once to the final installation of your account. Upon receiving payment validation you will be a member of F.A.O.P.S and you can use all our services.

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Obtenez votre adresse en France et Accédez à toutes les boutiques en ligne en France et U.E.


How to get your own New French address and use immediately:

You must register your order by clicking on 'I buy and you receive' or 'You buy for me' accordingly.You will immediately receive your own French address at the top left hand corner if you clicked on "I buy and you receive". You will be required to enter your name and it should be the same as the name stated on your parcel delivery details. This is to enable us to receive your parcel and trace it to your account. If you forget to enter your name, we will not be able to trace your parcel to your account when it arrives and we will have to return the parcel to the sender. Please also ensure that the exact French address is accurately stated and don't forget to put the name of our company FAOPS in your order on online stores. If it is inaccurate, you risk non-delivery of your parcel and we disclaim all responsibility.

You must save your order :

Once you have entered all the order details, you must save your order by clicking 'Validate'. Once the order is in our system, you will receive a unique ID for that order. You will be able to trace or make communications regarding that order by quoting the unique ID to us."

You can buy alone:

You are ready to Start Shopping in any french, U.E stores and to handle your purchases yourself. Begin your Shopping by clicking on :

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You can not buy alone:

If the store only accepts French billing or payment, you do not have time, you want simply that we handle your order for you. Tell us what you want and our Personal Shopper service will buy it for you by Clicking on :

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Your orders arrive at our warehouse

We report package received immediatly in your account and you receive an e-mail to inform you.

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Click on my packages

My account track your orders and parcels and then Click on the line Your purchase request C-...You have all informations : billing address, order details, Statut of order and a frame "Informations" with State, Size, Weight . Please tell us if you want to use Consolidation,Repackaging by clicking on Yes or Not.

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The price we quote is the price you will pay no unexpected charges

According to your return if you want to Use Repackaging Yes or Not. You receive an email to inform you "estimate sent". We send to you directly on your email address the quotation with different choices of shipping and our Tariffs. We await your reply by email with your choice. At this step you have nothing to do in your account on website, you see on your account "estimate accepted".

How different between with or without Repackaging ?

Without repackaging : We send your order as we received impossible to save on shipping cost and without any options available.

With Repackaging : you can save up to 80% on shipping costs because packages become smaller and lighter and you benefit of many options We throw the inbox Remove all not necessary packaging and keep only the items packed We can also put a layer of protection on our items.

Why we advice you to choose Repackaging ?

We receive daily many packages and in 90% of the cases a small item inside is in a standard box so tall box comparing at the size of the item inside.

It is for this reason that we strongly recommend to choose repackaging service to save maximum on shipping costs.

Example with Repackaging service :

One shoes received in a parcel sizes 48x32x22 cm and to send to Asia price of shipping costs 69.15 Eur

With repackaging service size of the parcel with shoes is 33x22x13 cm price of shipping costs 39.62 Eur.

If you want Help about our services consult FAQ and please don't hesite Contact our Customer support available seven days a week by email and six days a week by phone.

The price we quote is the price you will pay. No unexpected charges on your invoice

We send you quotation directly by email

According to your return if you want to Use Repackaging Yes or Not . You receive an email to inform you "estimate sent" . We send to you directly on your email address the quotation with different shipping service and our service tariffs . We await your reply by email with your choice . At this step you have nothing to do , you see in your account "estimate sent " . Upon receipt of your return of quoteation , you receive an email to inform you that your invoice is in your account .The price we quote is the price you will pay , No unexpected charges .

Upon receipt of your return of quotation:

you receive an email to inform you that your invoice is in your account. The price we quote is the price you will pay, No unexpected charges at this end on your invoice.

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Your invoice

To find your invoice, please click on buttom My Packages just under or Track your orders and parcels and after on the line beging by E-.... down the page click on buttom Paid.

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We offer only secure payment, it's for this reason we offer to you Paypal because it's the most secure payment in the world.You have two possiblities to pay with paypal with your paypal account or by CB, you haven't need to have a paypal account to pay, you can simply to pay by CB on paypal.

Upon receipt your payment


Your order will be shipped immediatly Packages starting monday-friday We will have tracking number and you will find all informations by loggin in My account. To receive your package in 1-4 days to your address, you should use our partner DHL Express which is the only one to assure you this service


How it works ?