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Worldlwide Shipping Faster Safer Easier from France to your location with professional carriers and reliable logistics partners . To respond at all your requests we choosen to work with :



For Worldwide Forwarding Parcels

  • Who is DHL Express : The global coverage DHL and their local expertise teams make their most reliable and best performing network in the express parcel and document and in the postal mail and package on the market.
  • Which are DHL services : DHL offers a wide range of delivery options. Variety of shipping solutions and wealth of knowledge in international shipping. Customs Expert support. Electronic Proof of Delivery lets you get delivery details
  • Why DHL : Delivery in 1-4 days over the world. The delivery delay is always subject as an indication (customs, weather conditons...) but in 99% your DHL package is always delivered within the stated time, you have a number to track shipment to delivery to your address. Package taller ? heavy ? DHL will be able to satisfy you
  • Safe and fast : When you ship with DHL Express – you're shipping with specialists in international shipping and courier delivery services. With their wide range of express parcel and package services, along with shipping and tracking solutions to fit your needs. Personalised Customs support.

DB Schenker

For Global Forwarding Pallets

  • Who is DB Schenker : DB Schenker offers a unique combination of local experience, dedicated customer service and the global expertise network in the Pallets or heavy weight.
  • Which are DB Schenker services : DB Schenker provides adapted, optimised transport solutions. A range of Logistics products adapted to your requirements. Customs Expert support
  • Why DB Schenker : The delivery delay is always subject but in 99% your pacllet is always delivered within the stated time. Pallets are scanned at each stage of their transport. Loading guarantee thanks to our "preferred carrier" programme, number to track your shipment.
  • Safe and fast : Direct, customised transport which takes the shortest road between the supplier and the address, Goods under the highest surveillance, Personalised Customs support. The safety and soundness of a group who takes care of all your logistics.

We can also sugest you shipment by :


Recevoir vos achats/marchandises

Receive your orders/goods

We can receive goods in our warehouses and send back them to you wherever you are in the world. It is simple, you order your goods on an online shop and send them up to our warehouses.

We report package received immediately in your account and you receive an e-mail to inform you. You have all information: billing address, order details, Status of order and a frame "Information" with State, Size, Repackaging.

Please tell us if you want to use Repackaging. In accordance with your request, we send you directly on your email address the quotation with our tariffs.

We await your reply by email with your choice.

You may need unpacking services. We receive your packages already stamped or prepaid in a big box. The customer address is already indicated on every small package and we just send them to the customer.

Moreover, with a tracking number, you can easily follow the delivery. To sum up: Send us your items and we can send them separately from France to your European customers. We will split these packages and forward each element in it to the addresses you specify.

Your orders will be transmitted to our system. We will Picking in the stock and we finalize the shipment in the 24 hours after we have received your order. We offer several carriers to ship your parcels.

Once your package will be shipped you will receive an email to inform you and you will have the number to track and the name of the shipping service in your account.

Recevoir votre stock

Receive your stock

You can send us all your stock so that we sell it. Our distribution network is international. Your products are put in stock and referenced in our computer system.

It allows to check the state of your real-time stock and to be automatically informed before a break of the goods.

Thanks to our important storage capacity, we manage the e-commerce management of your stocks, and do the preparation and the sending of your orders.

You can thus focus on your commercial activity and not on the logistics. If you are a seller without any storage facility in Europe, you may need a simple warehousing solution.

You can also decide to store all your stock in our warehouse and we will handle all operations from order to delivery.

Our logistic operators receive the order, do the picking in your stock and prepare the order.

Receive returned goods

Whenever a parcel arrives at our warehouse, we will inform you by email. We will mention the sender's name, tracking number and the return tracking number. As a proof we can take a picture of your parcel. We keep all the parcels until your next shipment. During this time, we can consolidate your returns in our warehouse until you have enough returns to minimize the costs.

For the returns, you can have your own labels or if needed we can print returns labels for you. Your customers are far happier returning goods within their own country and you can process their returns in a couple of days in most cases rather than a couple of weeks. We accept products with no weight limit.

Service client

Forwarding Returns

Once you have enough returns we can send back the returns to you.

Recevoir vos retours

Free Storage

If you don’t want the returns to be sent back to you, we can store your product in our warehouse facility until you find another buyer in Europe.

Customer service

As native French professionals, we can manage your emails in French, answering their questions about returns and deliveries.