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that validates your registration and final access at our services after few minutes by clicking the button "Pay subscription ".


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Register your order and you get your own French address

you must click on 'I buy and you receive' . You will see immediately your own French address at the top left hand corner. You will be required to enter your name and it should be the same as the name stated on your parcel delivery details. This is to enable us to receive your parcel and trace it to your account.

If you forget to enter your name, we will not be able to trace your parcel to your account when it arrives and we will have to return the parcel to the sender. Please also ensure that the exact French address is accurately stated. If it is inaccurate, you risk non-delivery of your parcel and we disclaim all responsibility.


For Personal Shopper "You buy or me"

From your online account you follow a simple step-by-step process to place an order request: Tell us where you want to buy. This can be an online store, or an auction site such as eBay, Market place as Amazon, CDiscount, Rue du Commerce, etc. We purchase the merchandise for you using our french Credit card , our PayPal account , or by money order . Tell us what you want to buy You list the items , quantities and descriptions we ask you and we need to complete the purchase

Click on Add to cart and click on validate and validate your payment by clicking on pics of payment. After validation of your paiement by credit card click "Back shop " to finalize your order .You will find all this informations at each page of the process.


You must save your order

Once you have entered all the order details, you must save your order by clicking 'Validate'.

Once the order is in our system, you will receive a unique ID for that order. You will be able to trace or make communications regarding that order by quoting the unique ID to us.


Attention !

The exact content, the site's name or seller we need to be able to join at any time in case of need and value of your order must be mentioned, otherwise your order will be received in our services will be systematically opened or returned to the sender if we have no information thereon and you will be charged. As a ordering party you support the consequences alone of your previous orders on our site. Please see our terms and conditions..


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